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A simple search for Kyoto Protocol results in Google listing over 3 million results. Now, somebody who is just looking to find out the most relevant information about the protocol, its impact and also the controversy is going to have a tough time in sorting through all these pages. And also the chance of all these aspects being addressed in one article is low. The probability of finding this article right away is lower. Excessive word counts and often-extraneous details make it nearly impossible for us to extract useful information. Even the basic information can be hard to glean when one is staring at an article that has over 100 lines.

This website aims to address this issue. Various topics will be taken up and explained in a very simple question and answer format. These questions will address every aspect of the issue. Also, every entry will be followed by a series of links to articles for better insight into the topic.

Initially, the topics will be chosen on the basis of importance for the dreaded group discussions (GD) used for admission into India’s premier business schools such as the various Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). Topics will be chosen from three broad areas- politics, business and economics. In the long run, topics will be chosen depending on the demand and also the contributors.


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